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Have you wondered if OTOIRO+'s online lessons are truly effective? Are you concerned about your child's ability to stay focused? We are here for you.
Here, we share messages from parents whose children are currently enjoying our courses.
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  • 男の子

    Z.M(5 years old)7 months of lessons

    Confidence from the First Lesson!

    The engaging lessons, incorporating games and the instructor's cheerful personality, have really boosted my child's enthusiasm for piano. The lessons, tailored to include my child's opinions, keep them focused for the entire 30 minutes. Initially, we were uncertain about the online lessons, however we were convinced from the first session and OTOIRO+ was the right choice!

  • 女の子

    A.H(8 years old)4 years of lessons

    Bringing Out the "Fun" and "Motivation"

    I wanted my daughter to experience the joy of music, and upon conveying this, we were introduced to a wonderful instructor. It was her first time with piano, but she opened up to the teacher from day one and was excited for the weekly lesson.
    Even on days with less practice, the instructor never scolds but instead uses positive encouragement to bring out the children's "fun" and "motivation." Now at 8, she still adores her teacher and enjoys the lessons. We are truly satisfied with our choice!

  • 男の子

    H.M(8 years old)2 years of lessons

    Surprised by how focused and relaxed my child is!

    The instructor's warm and gentle guidance ensures that my child enjoys playing the piano. My son says, "The teacher is kind, plays piano well, and can play anything." and I believe the teacher's personality and teaching method are key to his continued interest.
    It's surprising how focused and relaxed he is during online lessons. The teacher also keeps me informed about his progress and challenges before and after lessons, allowing me to entrust my child's learning with confidence.

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