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Not Just Teaching,but Nurturing
OTOIRO+ Coaching Approach

At OTOIRO+, we don't just “teach” music skills; we “nurture” each student's unique talents and abilities. This approach is realized through our specialized instructors, trained and certified through OTOIRO+'s unique educational program. We provide a learning environment where students take the lead, offering lessons tailored to each individual's personality and goals.

  • Japanese Lessons for Overseas Residents

    Japanese Lessons for Overseas Residents

    OTOIRO+ offers piano lessons in Japanese for those living abroad.

  • Flexible Time Zones

    Flexible Time Zones and Internet Conditions

    Lessons can be scheduled according to your preferred days and times. We offer pre-lesson connection checks for those who are concerned about internet connectivity. 

  • Online Lessons

    Hassle-Free Online Lessons, No Transportation Needed

    Enjoy lessons from the comfort of your home, eliminating the need for travel and ensuring safety. Lessons are catered according to your child's needs. 

  • Growth Charts

    Musical Growth Charts

    OTOIRO+ reports regularly on your child's progress through growth charts. These charts visualize improvements in musicality, rhythm, expression, challenging spirit, and creativity. Progressing through our lessons, students also receive Music Certifications, supporting their daily achievements.

Game-style lessonskeep children engaged!
The "fun" of talking to the person on the display.

Game-style lessons

"Will the piano lessons last?" "Can my child concentrate on online lessons?"

Children love the display screen more than you can imagine.
They can talk to the teacher on the screen and take lessons like a game.
OTOIRO+ is packed with "fun" for children.

  • Online Lessons

    Fun Online Lessons

    Our certified instructors in online teaching use specialized equipment to deliver engaging and thorough lessons.

  • Unique Learning Experience with OTOIRO+

    Unique Learning Experience with OTOIRO+

    OTOIRO+ provides original materials designed for children, to enjoy learning the basics of music. With years of experience and knowledge, we've developed materials that effectively teach fundamental solfège and piano skills. These materials allow students to fully enjoy music, while naturally improving their skills.

It's okay if you don't have an instrument

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OTOIRO+Message from Fumi Shimanuki,
CEO of OTOIRO+, Lpa Corporation


For over 20 years, Lpa Corporation has been a pioneer in "music home tutoring," providing in-home music lessons. The demand for online lessons increased during COVID-19, and inquiries have continued even after the pandemic.
The idea for OTOIRO+, specialized in overseas online lessons, was inspired by a student moving abroad who wished to continue their lessons. OTOIRO+ is a service tailored for those living abroad to receive Japanese-quality music education.
Our instructors are certified and focus on nurturing each student's individuality and abilities. We provide lessons that combine skill acquisition with enjoyment, all from the comfort of your home. We hope you enjoy our service.


  • Boy

    Z.M. (5 years old )
    Lesson Period of 7 months

    Convinced from the first lesson!

    The engaging lessons, incorporating games, and the instructor's cheerful personality motivate my child's interest in piano.

  • Girl

    A.H(8 years old)
    Lesson Period of 4 years

    It brings out the “fun” and “motivation” in our child

    Even at the age of 8, my child loves the teacher and actively participates in lessons. It was the right choice!

  • Boy

    H.M(8 years old)
    Lesson Period 2 years

    Surprised how relaxed and focused my child could be!

    The detailed reports on my child’s progress and challenges before and after the lessons are reassuring and trustworthy.

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