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Materials Provided by OTOIRO+


Quality Assurance

Japanese Language Support
Enjoy lessons in Japanese even if you are residing overseas.
No need to commute for Online Lessons
Online lessons means, no need to travel. Don’t worry about the commuting time or safety.
Materials Provided by OTOIRO+
Introductory and beginner materials are provided by OTOIRO+ in PDF format, so there's no need of buying them.
Time Zone Adjustment



Time Zone Adjustment
We adjust OTOIRO+ lesson times to your local time.
Flexible Pricing
Lessons are on a monthly fee system.
Cancellation Policy
Reschedule with no extra charge, if you notify us 24 hours before the lesson! In addition, you can reschedule up to three times without any cancellation fee for the first two months. 
Emergency Support



Internet Environment Support
We conduct an online connection test before the trial lessons and guide you through the setup process.
Feeze your Membership
Feeze your membership for free, from a minimum of one month up to a year, as many times as you need!
Emergency Support
Communicate with instructors via messaging on your My Page.
Reliable Dual Camera Usage


Reliable Dual Camera Usage

Clear View of Instructor's Face and Hands
A common concern in online lessons is whether you can clearly see the instructor's hands. OTOIRO+ ensures all instructors use dual cameras, showing both their face and hands, switching as needed for the lesson. This allows for focused and enjoyable lessons, even online. 
Two Key Elements of OTOIRO+ Piano Lessons

factor1All Instructors are Licensed Professionals

OTOIRO+ instructors are music university graduates or equally skilled. They all hold OTOIRO+'s unique "Instructor Professional License" and "Online Lesson License," ensuring fun and personalized piano lessons for each student.

OTOIRO+ instructor
OTOIRO+ instructor

factor2Latest OTOIRO+ Materials

Original Solfege Materials

Original Solfege Materials

We provide original OTOIRO+ solfege materials. These materials incorporate the 'A' of STEAM education, engaging students in a 'learning through play' approach. 

Solfege: Building the Foundation of Music!

Music consists of three major elements: "Rhythm," "Melody," and "Harmony." Solfege lessons focus on establishing each of these through sight-singing, sight-reading, ear training, and music theory. Solfege plays a vital role in developing musical literacy, and with OTOIRO+'s original materials, students will significantly grow their foundational skills in a fun learning environment. 

Solfege: Sharpening Creative Skills

As solfege skills develop, so do expressive and creative abilities! These skills are not only beneficial for piano but also for composing, singing, and playing other instruments. Beyond reading and playing music accurately, composing, improvising, and collaborating with others expand the infinite possibilities of music. OTOIRO+ regularly provides reports on these skills, visualizing student’s progress. 

Growth ReportCase of Student A: Approximately
4 Years of Lessons
  • Musical Ear

    1. Beginner1
    2. Intermediate5
  • Rhythm

    1. Beginner1
    2. Intermediate3
  • Expression and Communication Skills

    1. Beginner3
    2. Intermediate5
  • Challenging Spirit

    1. Beginner1
    2. Intermediate5
  • Creative Ability

    1. Beginner1
    2. Intermediate5

*Levels: Beginner (5 stages), Elementary (5 stages), Intermediate (5 stages)

  • Growth Report
  • Growth Report
Original Piano Materials

Original Piano Materials

We provide materials tailored to each student's level. Suitable for beginners to progress and for those who wish to learn at their own pace. 
*Some materials available on the market may be required at student's expense.

  • ミュージック検定の定義
  • Music Certifications

Receiving Music Certifications

Progress through OTOIRO+ lessons and receive "Music Certifications." Visibly seeing the growth, further motivates the students. We guide you on the level and timing for exams. 

Official Music Certification Site

Comprehensive Support System

First-time overseas enrollees often face uncertainties like time differences, internet connectivity, and child supervision. OTOIRO+ provides a reassuring and well-prepared system. 

  • Messaging with Instructors on My Page

    Messaging with Instructors on My Page

    Communicate with instructors about lesson content and schedules via the exclusive OTOIRO+ student My Page. It also allows you to check schedules, confirm attendance, and receive updates from OTOIRO+.

  • Lpa Corporation: Over 20 Years of Lesson Experience

    Lpa Corporation: Over 20 Years of Lesson Experience

    Lpa Corporation, the operator of OTOIRO+, employs approximately 6,000 musicians and has been involved in music lessons and live performances for over 20 years. Our extensive experience ensures a reliable and comfortable learning environment for our students.

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